The Heavy Forklift Specialist

We provide heavy machinery for all occasions, whether it be for moving heavy shipping containers, or moving produce crates and pallets; our forklift range is fully equipped to suit your needs. Including Hyster, Omega, Clark, Lift King, SMV, Kalmar and more, our array of great, fully serviced forks will have you on your way to a more efficient warehouse or storage solution. Forks are available for hire or sale and are located in our Sydney Depot which is located Banksmeadow NSW

Forklift Spare Parts

Sydney Forklifts stock a range of genuine spare parts to cater for all major forklift brands including: Hyster, Omega, Clark, Caterpillar, Komatsu and much more.

We can even organise for the parts to be delivered any where in Australia.

Purchase or Hire a Forklift

Sydney Forklifts has a range of forklifts suitable
for all requirements big and small.

Forklift Service, Support & Repairs

Sydney Forklifts team of skilled Forklift Mechanics can service your fleet of forklifts onsite Sydney wide. Combined with our mobile service fleet we also stock a range of parts, forklift accessories and forklift attachments.

Omega heavy forklifts available
komatsu heavy forklifts available
Hyster heavy forklifts available
Genie heavy forklifts available
clark heavy forklifts available
Caterpillar forklifts