Used Forklifts for Sale and Hire

Used Forklifts for Sale and Hire

Used Forklifts available for Hire and Sale, provided by Sydney Forklifts, a division of Price and Speed.

Sydney Forks has acquired a large fleet of great, quality, hard working used forklifts ranging from Hyster, Clark and Omega Forks to Kalmar, Sisu, Svetruck and more. Our forklift range has heavy forks ranging from 2 tonners to whopping 50-60 tonner forks, with our fleet into Tyre Handlers, Container Handlers, Material Handlers and pallet racker/stackers.

The used forklifts on tynes are great for handling material or stacking pallets and warehouse duties, so if these sound like the requirements for your business, call us now to enquire about a forklift on tynes now on 02 9666 6565.

If the service you require is temporary, enquire about hiring one of our impressive forks, but if you require a long term solution, purchasing a forklift to permanently join your fleet may be the better option, through forklift sales.

The used forklifts with spreaders are more suited towards container handling and tyre handling duties, these forks typically are the heavier capacity forklifts, capable of lifting huge load containers with ease. We have forks with spreaders available for hire and sale, contact us if you wish to enquire about our used forklifts with spreaders.

Used Forklifts for Sale and Hire

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