Tyre Handlers by Sydney Forklifts

Tyre Handlers – Sydney Forklifts

Tyre Handlers for Hire and Sale from Sydney Forklifts. Hyster H16.XL Tyre Handler now for sale here! (still available for hire)

Whether its for your depot or yard’s temporary needs in tyre movement or placing, or if it is for a more permanent solution, with your business needing to regularly move large tyres around, we have you covered!

We can hire out our forklifts for the temporary needs and we have used forklifts available for sale to meet your permanent/long term needs, with all of our forks well serviced and maintained.

Tyre Handlers by Sydney Forklifts

Need regular tyre changing or tyre maintenance? Our Tyre handling forklifts are definitely for you, built to last, hard working machines provide an efficient solution to your tyre changing and maintenance needs.

For depots or yards that need large tyres moved, replaced or changed on a regular basis, having this powerful and reliable tyre handler in your workforce would be the ideal solution.

Coming from Hyster, a trusted manufacturer of quality forklifts; we have fully serviced this beauty of a machine and its ready for work.

Sydney Forklifts is a division of Price and Speed

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