Svetruck Forklift Hire and Sale by Sydney Forklifts

SVETruck Forklift and SMV Forks – Sydney Forklifts

Svetruck Forklift for Sale by Sydney Forklifts

Apart from our wide range of Hyster, Omega and Clark Forklifts we also supply other great forks such as the SVETruck Forklift and SMV forklift range. These forks are great for material handling, with tynes or spreaders, there is always a fork for your specific needs!

Our Svetruck and SMV forks range are heavy duty, reliable, fully serviced workhorses ready for heavy work. To check out the range, visit the forklifts page and click the “Other” filter button. Mouseover any image to bring up its name and whether its for hire and/or sale.

The use of Svetruck forklifts helps build comfortable and safe workplaces that guarantee operators a good day at work.

Each Svetruck is built to suit the conditions under which it will operate. The starting point is to find a balance in the interaction between man, technology and machine.

Both Svetruck and SMV forklifts are well designed, time-tested, reliable and service freindly, making them a great addition for your workforce for both the short and long run.

Check out our range of forklifts for Hire and Sale here, or contact us for enquiries or questions.

Sydney Forklifts is a division of Price and Speed

Tyre Handlers by Sydney Forklifts

Tyre Handlers – Sydney Forklifts

Tyre Handlers for Hire and Sale from Sydney Forklifts. Hyster H16.XL Tyre Handler now for sale here! (still available for hire)

Whether its for your depot or yard’s temporary needs in tyre movement or placing, or if it is for a more permanent solution, with your business needing to regularly move large tyres around, we have you covered!

We can hire out our forklifts for the temporary needs and we have used forklifts available for sale to meet your permanent/long term needs, with all of our forks well serviced and maintained.

Tyre Handlers by Sydney Forklifts

Need regular tyre changing or tyre maintenance? Our Tyre handling forklifts are definitely for you, built to last, hard working machines provide an efficient solution to your tyre changing and maintenance needs.

For depots or yards that need large tyres moved, replaced or changed on a regular basis, having this powerful and reliable tyre handler in your workforce would be the ideal solution.

Coming from Hyster, a trusted manufacturer of quality forklifts; we have fully serviced this beauty of a machine and its ready for work.

Sydney Forklifts is a division of Price and Speed

Container Handling Forklift and Material Handlers

Container Handling Forklift and Material Handling Forks – Sydney Forklifts

Container handling forklifts for moving around palettes and other goods, with heavy duty container handling forklifts equipped to move up to 40ft long shipping containers with spreaders. If you’ve got shipping containers you need moving then hiring one of our great container handlers is for you, and if it is a regular occurrence then purchasing one would be an even more effective option. Moving used containers and new containers around your yard or depot may be an important aspect of your business, if so; Sydney Forklifts can provide a great range of quality used forklifts for hire and sale, ranging from Hyster, Clark, Omega to Kalmar, SISU and Svetruck. We also have Tyre handlers available amongst our material  handling and container handling forklifts.

Container Handling Forklifts

Material handlers are set and ready for all kinds of jobs moving palettes and other loads effectively around your depot or yard with ease. Our used forklifts capable of material handling are of high quality and are all regularly maintained for optimal performance when purchased or hired out.

Container handler forklifts are essential for any business with a depot or yard that requires moving around shipping containers, from small 6ft containers to the large 40ft containers; our forks will meet your business needs!

Please contact us for any enquiries

Sydney Forklifts is a division of Price and Speed

Rough Terrain Forklifts

Rough Terrain Forklifts

Rough Terrain forklifts by Caterpillar, designed and ready for action. The Caterpillar RTCH988 is an efficient workhorse of a machine, capable of working over rough terrain and in up to 1.5m of water.

Check it out now:

Caterpillar Rough Terrain Forklift by Sydney Forklifts

Fully serviced and ready for action, this forklift is a great addition to any workforce, with its versatility, allowing it to work in general conditions throughout your depot, yard or property, as well as being great on rough and unusual terrain, allowing it to even function in up to 1.5m of water!

This great fork will make an essential member of your machine workforce, for any enquiries or info, please contact us or call (02) 9666 6565

Sydney Forklifts is a division of Price and Speed


Forklift Hire and Forklifts Sale

Forklift Hire and Forklifts Sale

Forklift Hire, Wide range of great forks for hire, with brands like Clark, Omega, Hyster, Lees and Liftking. Forklifts for Hire Sydney, hire forks now to boost the efficiency of your storage and warehousing. Forklifts Sale also available, Forks for sale sydney, australia.

Forklift Hire and Sale by Sydney Forklifts


Our forks are fully serviced and ready for your workforce, hire or sale we’ve got the variety and quality to suit your forklift needs. Whether it be container handling, material handling, tyre handling, forks on tynes, or spreaders; we have the forklift to get the job done, so hire a forklift now, and boost your business’ efficiency!

Please contact us here, or call us on (02) 9666 6565

Sydney Forklifts is a division of Price and Speed

Used Forklifts for Sale and Hire

Used Forklifts for Sale and Hire

Used Forklifts available for Hire and Sale, provided by Sydney Forklifts, a division of Price and Speed.

Sydney Forks has acquired a large fleet of great, quality, hard working used forklifts ranging from Hyster, Clark and Omega Forks to Kalmar, Sisu, Svetruck and more. Our forklift range has heavy forks ranging from 2 tonners to whopping 50-60 tonner forks, with our fleet into Tyre Handlers, Container Handlers, Material Handlers and pallet racker/stackers.

The used forklifts on tynes are great for handling material or stacking pallets and warehouse duties, so if these sound like the requirements for your business, call us now to enquire about a forklift on tynes now on 02 9666 6565.

If the service you require is temporary, enquire about hiring one of our impressive forks, but if you require a long term solution, purchasing a forklift to permanently join your fleet may be the better option, through forklift sales.

The used forklifts with spreaders are more suited towards container handling and tyre handling duties, these forks typically are the heavier capacity forklifts, capable of lifting huge load containers with ease. We have forks with spreaders available for hire and sale, contact us if you wish to enquire about our used forklifts with spreaders.

Used Forklifts for Sale and Hire

Forklifts Sale

Forklifts Sale

Forklifts Sale and Hire available though Sydney Forklifts, a division of Price and Speed. Our depot is located in Botany, near the Sydney Airport and Botany Wharf, providing a great pickup location.

Our hard-working heavy forklifts are all serviced and maintained regularly, keeping them ready for action. Any of our wide range of forks would be a great asset to your workforce.

Our range includes Hyster, Omega, Clark, SISU, SMV, Liftking, Kalmar and Svetruck.

Forklifts Sale is great for permanent additions but if you only require a temporary solution, maybe consider Our forklifts that are for Hire.

Check out the forks on our homepage here. You can filter between forks for sale and hire by clicking the filter buttons on the left.

Sydney Forklifts provides quality heavy forks for both Hire and Sale to fit any need of your businesses forklift needs, including Material handling, container handling, tyre handling, pallet stacking and general cargo movement.

Forklifts Sale and Hire

Forklifts Hire

Forklifts Hire and Sale by Sydney Forklifts

Forklifts Hire and Sales available from our Botany Depot. We provide high quality heavy forks capable of container handling, tyre handling, material handling and pallet stacking.

Our range includes Hyster, Omega, Clark, Kalmar, SISU, Svetruck, SMV, Liftking and more!

Check out our forklifts here

To filter the Forks to show only the ones for Hire, click the Hire button on the left.

We have used forklifts that are maintained, serviced and ready for work and will be a great addition to your work force temporarily, or if you are looking for a more permanent solution why not consider purchasing one of the great forks we have for sale.

Contact us for more details or to enquire further

Forklifts Hire

Hyster Forklift, Clark, Omega Forklifts For Sale and Hire

Hyster Forklift, Clark, Omega Forklifts For Sale and Hire

Hyster Forklift, Clark, Omega Forklifts For Sale and Hire from Sydney Forklifts. Owned by Price and Speed Sydney Forklifts aims to provide the greatest quality heavy forks available for our fleet, for both Hire and Sale services.

We have a great range of Hyster Forks, Clark Forks and Omega Forks as well as many other quality forklift brands such as SVETruck, Kalmar and SISU.

Sydney Forklifts provides great quality, full serviced heavy forklifts for hire and sale. We provide the top brands in quality forks such as Clark, Hyster, Omega, Kalmar, Liftking, SMV, SVETrucks and more. Situated in Botany, just outside of Sydney, Australia.

For any sales and hire enquiries, or more information please call us on
(02) 9666 6565 and ask for Melody Murley

Or call Melody directly on 0488 097 333

Alternatively, you may fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Hyster Forklift for Hire by Sydney Forklifts

Hyster Forklift Hire and Sale

Hyster Forklift Hire and Sale by Sydney Forklifts.

Hyster Forklifts are beautifully crafted machines that are ready fork work and a great asset to any workforce.

Clark, Omega, SISU Forklifts also available in our large heavy fork range, 30 tonne, 40 tonne & 50 tonne.

Check out our great range of forks here.

Our range of Hyster forklifts ranges from large tyre handlers to H 18xm’s on Tynes.

At Price and Speed we strive to have the greatest machines available for hire and sale in our forklift range for reasonable prices.

Container handling, Material Handling and Tyre handling forks are all available, and can be found in our forklift section, as well as off terrain and rough terrain forklifts for hire and sale.

Hyster Forklift for Sale and Hire by Sydney Forklifts

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