Forklift Hire and Forklifts Sale

Forklift Hire and Forklifts Sale

Forklift Hire, Wide range of great forks for hire, with brands like Clark, Omega, Hyster, Lees and Liftking. Forklifts for Hire Sydney, hire forks now to boost the efficiency of your storage and warehousing. Forklifts Sale also available, Forks for sale sydney, australia.

Forklift Hire and Sale by Sydney Forklifts


Our forks are fully serviced and ready for your workforce, hire or sale we’ve got the variety and quality to suit your forklift needs. Whether it be container handling, material handling, tyre handling, forks on tynes, or spreaders; we have the forklift to get the job done, so hire a forklift now, and boost your business’ efficiency!

Please contact us here, or call us on (02) 9666 6565

Sydney Forklifts is a division of Price and Speed

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Sydney Forklifts is located at:
17 Baker Street,
Banksmeadow, NSW, 2019
P: (02) 9666 6565
F: (02) 9666 6532

For direct forklift enquiries call:
Kevin Malouf: 0418 240 607
Melody Murley: 0488 097 333

Postal Address
PO Box 138 Botany 1455